The Spartathlon is an incredibly tough ultra endurance event that takes place in Greece each year and pays homage to historical events.

The 250km event, which must be completed within 36 hours is regarded as one of the toughest ultra-distance events in the World. The qualification process to enter is a tough task in itself, but Pembrey 24 could act as the perfect opportunity to qualify for this demanding event.

The Pembrey 24 could act as a qualification event for Spartathlon for the following years: 2020, 2021 or 2022.

Full qualification details can be found here, but at the time of publication and in relation to a 24hr event, the requirements would be as follows:

– Cover at least 180 km (men) or 170 km (women) in a 24-hour race

Given a course of exactly 7km, this would mean completing 26 laps (men) or 25 laps (women), however we expect the exact distance to be between 6.5km and 7.5km.
Prior to Pembrey 24 starting we will provide all starters with an exact lap measurement, using an accurate GPS device. This will be used as the official measurement which you can use to apply.

Competitor GPS device measurements would not be accepted and only the official results will count for your qualification criteria.

For all solo runners there will be the opportunity to have a course side pit area, or the optional enclosed pit area. These can allow the easiest possible support without any need for extra distance for any fluid or nutrition requirements.

More information can be found on the Sparathlon British Team website.